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thebodydocs – Harrogate Studio Update

thebodydocs – Harrogate Studio Update

thebodydocs – Harrogate, formerly Prospect 1 Fitness, is a team of skilled and expert Personal Trainers located in our Harrogate town centre facility. We haven’t moved although you can click here to find us

thebodydocs approach is about avoiding dull, repetitive exercise routines entirely and introduce, progressive, varied and functional programmes for all of our clients.

With that in mind, the studio and the wide range of equipment has been selected to ensure that we are not just another run of the mill personal training studio or gym but we offer a carefully designed training space to ensure our clients have the best equipment and atmosphere on offer to train in.

Over the coming weeks we will be revealing more about our bodydocs team, who we are, how we differ from the more common personal training studios and what we have coming up over the next few months, plus lots of training and nutritional tips from thebodydocs themselves.

      Top StudioPersonal_Training_Top_Studio

Lower Studiopersonal_training_bottom_studio


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