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I’ve been training with Ollie for nearly 2 years and have had excellent results. Ollie is very professional in his approach and gave me the correct gradient to accomplish my goals. I lost 21 pounds during my training time and Ollie helped me to alter my diet without going to extremes, I’ve had big improvements in fitness and appearance. *


If you had told me two years ago that I would enjoy, and indeed, need to exercise several times a week, that I would want to run at the weekends and when away from home on business, be two (sometimes three) dress sizes smaller and have lost over 20% of my body fat, I would have laughed at you and taken another sip of wine! Fitness was never my thing; when I was younger, I avoided PE lessons, never joined a sports team and preferred reading or virtually anything to physical activity. Fortunately for me, at a particularly busy time in my life, I picked up Oliver’s card and the rest, as they say, is history. His patience, understanding and constant support as well as ability to introduce the right element of challenge has, quite literally, changed my life. Very quickly, I saw changes in my body shape and Oliver’s careful records of weight and measurements charted those changes accurately. *


I was already active however I wanted some direction and a tailored regime in preparation for my Wedding in 2013. I had also signed up for the 2012 Great North Run and wanted to be as fit as possible for that. Ollie was great; he listened to what my concerns were, what my daily life was like and didn’t try to make drastic changes that were too hard to accomplish. We started slow but in the run up to my wedding I was working with Ollie 3 mornings a week at 6 am. He managed to be chirpy at that time of the morning and really pushed me to get the most out of a session. After being in the best shape I have ever been for my wedding – without making drastic life changes; I carried on working with Ollie and built it into my life style-fitness was now fun and I liked seeing the changes and pushing myself harder. Ollie knew when I could work harder, knew if I could lift more and knew if I could run faster. The end result is that I am stronger, leaner and more comfortable with who I am. I have learnt so much from Ollie – not just about fitness but also nutrition. I know now how to push the boundaries and how to change routines to make them more challenging and fun. I’d say Ollie is now a good mate and I look forward to working with him again. *


I trained with Oliver for a 4 week period (3 sessions per week) and saw some great results during this time. Oliver provided me with a diet plan and a training plan for the 4 week period (both of which were developed based on my own personal goals) and the results I saw were better than I could have hoped. I lost fat, built muscle, toned up and generally felt much healthier and more energetic. I’ve been a member of gyms on and off for the last few years, but can honestly say I have never seen results like those achieved whilst training with Oliver. It’s not necessarily that I struggle to motivate myself, but with Oliver’s expertise I was opened up to new exercises, different styles of training, and all whilst being pushed that bit harder than I can push myself in a regular gym. Oliver found a real natural ability for bringing the best out of me during our sessions, and whilst training was always carried out in a professional manner, the sessions were both tough and enjoyable. Finishing a session with Oliver gave me a real sense of achievement – something that I don’t always get when I muddle through my own workouts in the gym. *

*Disclaimer – Results may vary between clients and will depend on a number of lifestyle factors.